Welcome to my site, I am Lebitso Ramphore and whatever reason you have for coming through, I hope you leave empowered. I am here to teach, heal and create through my mind, body and spirit. Feel free to contact me at info@lebitsoramphore.co.za


Be Still, A Journey to Divine Fulfilment and Inner Peace is my debut book as a published author. I call it a download from above because it was written under the influence and guidance of God. When I found myself at the cross-road and felt like my back was against the wall, I went on a quest of discovering WHO I really am beyond the labels and titles I have accumulated. The answer I received during my moments of stillness was; “Be Still”. 

Coaching and Mentorship

Lebitso is a qualified mentor and coach and has been accredited by SETA. She focuses on (holistic) personal development and small business coaching and follows unique methodologies that equal effective results. She graduated with a bachelor of commerce where she specialised in entrepreneurship and business management. She is passionate about developing small businesses and individuals to reach their potential.


She has always been passionate about people development and entrepreneurship. She was raised in an entrepreneurial environment and it was a natural move to venture into business at a later stage. She gives talks as an inspirational speaker at public events.