Ostibel Africa

Holistic Beauty and Wellness products founded by Lebitso Ramphore. Proudly made in Africa from indigenous, wildly-crafted, natural, and organic ingredients. Our products are for dry, sensitive, combination, and allergy-prone skin types. If you’re sensitive to perfumed products or love natural skincare, you’ve come to the right beauty and wellness home.

A personal note from the Founder: “I grew up with very dry skin and eczema, my second daughter also has sensitive skin. I founded Ostibel Africa with holistic wellness in mind, to nourish the mind, body, and soul. I’ve taken up courses in medicinal herbs, indigenous plants, and botanical knowledge from nature. Every ingredient used is sourced meticulously working directly with distillers, growers, and farmers. Before the product is released to you, I have personally used it for a minimum of 6 weeks.”

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