Applying Oil To Face


There are those that love using oil and those that are completely put off by the thought of it. I used to be put off too, until I learned what my skin loves and needs. Firstly, you need to understand your skin type. I’m sure you’re heard of different types of skin like sensitive, combination, dry and oily. I happen to fall into three categories and therefore I cannot just use a product for one skin type. 

Using oils is the same, as seasons change, you need to adjust your oils too. Now, here’s your easy way to apply oils.

If you use a water-based serum, start with it first then apply oil afterwards. Just put two-three drops on your palm, dab and place on your forehead, chin, cheeks and blend to cover the whole face. Whatever is left, apply on your neckline. Less is more. 

For that dewy look, apply your foundation after the oil. 

















Hello beautiful, I often receive many messages from customers on how to best use shea butter. The Ostibel Africa Organic Shea Butter is sourced from an organically certified grower in east Africa. When you purchase from us, you are buying one of the leading organic shea butter in South Africa. 

As a skin moisturizer, your best pick is pure, unrefined shea butter, and if it’s organic, even better. it can moisturize the driest skin and cracked heels. in the autumn/winter season, the skin is the driest, using shea butter soothes your skin as it is easily absorbed. If your skin is flaky or it feels tight, apply some for relief. Once you rub in your palms, it melts like butter. It also works well for chapped lips especially in the winter, rub a bit in the morning and at night. I love using it as a base before applying any lipstick or gloss.

I grew up having eczema and my skin still reacts sometimes, I apply it to the most sensitive areas like behind the knees and in between elbows. (Please check with your GP first). I love that it locks in moisture and reduces the urge to scratch the skin often. 

Shea Butter for hair works well for the hairline and scalp. apply a pea-size on your hairline daily but also make sure that you wash your hair weekly or twice per week. Section your hair in 4 parts and apply it to your scalp in a circular motion to stimulate pores and to lessen scalp itchiness. Apply it to smooth out frizzy hair. Using it as a conditioner after washing your hair helps to lock in moisture and give hair a beautiful and healthy look. 

For the gentlemen who get razor burns or bumps, apply shea butter after shaving and at night. It helps to reduce the appearance of bumps. 

In general, shea butter is THE moisturizer in the beauty and cosmetics industry. Just read the ingredients of some of your everyday personal care products and you’ll see shea butter is a small ingredient in them. Now how about using the actual ingredient in its purest form.